BMI offers a complete menu of web-based health risk assessments

Disease Management

Chronic diseases affect one in 10 Americans and account for 70% of the dollars spent on health care each year. Compounding this problem is that fact that nearly half the people with chronic disease are not receiving the care or treatment required to keep them healthy! What is the answer to lowering claim costs and improving an employee’s quality of life? BMI's Disease Management.

Disease management provides help and support to better manage health. A member is identified as a candidate for the Disease Management (DM) program based on review of prior health claims including pharmacy data and health risk assessments. A Health Coach (Registered Nurse) will contact members to enroll them and ask some questions regarding their health and discuss how the program will benefit them. A release of information will be sent to the member. It must be signed and returned. A copy is also sent to the physician and allows the registered nurse to communicate with the physician. A checklist of important guidelines will be sent to the member and the physician. These are simple and may include such things as having weight recorded or blood pressure readings. Educational material focused on the member’s particular needs will then be provided. The registered nurse will be in contact with the member after each physician appointment to update the member’s status and answer any questions.

Additional Program Benefits

  • Telephone support with a nurse just a call away
  • Make sure the member is receiving appropriate, quality medical care
  • Guidance through the maze of online medical information
  • Ongoing program which will provide the member with guidance and information as they manage their condition
  • Help members stay healthy and enjoy the quality of life they deserve!

All the information is confidential and is not shared with the employer.